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VoIP with e2e


  • EFFICIENT TRANSIT through routers.
  • Bandwidth Traffic NOT hosted by Operator.

G3T’s patented e2e Technology enables the direct communication set-up between two IP devices over the internet, regardless of whether or not those devices are located behind routers. This means that the Service Provider does NOT have to host any of the IP bandwidth traffic whether it be voice, video, images, music or any other content.

e2e Technology is essentially a lightweight IP signalling protocol which is available as a bolt-on Server Software, and used together with e2e client software by the IP device.

This has successfully been applied to internet telephony (VoIP) where non-hosted IP-to-IP calls can be made and available for the direct transmission of ANY media content; currently, voice, video, text, snapshot as well as voicemail and call forwarding.

Result:- Significant bandwidth cost savings on an increasing on-going basis.[Note: the VePhone, available with a real UK telephone number, has full integration with worldwide Landline and mobile network for complete connectivity to traditional telephony ]