Our patented "e2e Technology" is an IP signalling protocol enabling direct Peer-to-Peer communication path set-up over the internet for ANY media content, WITHOUT hosting the subsequent bandwidth traffic.


  • e2e - Bandwidth NOT hosted
  • e2e

  • Hosted bandwidth - with SBC's
  • SIP

Why choose e2e Technology?
What e2e Technology enables:
All IP traffic direct between two clients
Reliable communication path set-up
Full NAT traversal, compatible with existing routers
Which means:
No hosting of IP-to-IP bandwidth traffic
No requirement for Session Border Controllers
No STuN, TuRN or ICE protocol methods required
Group 3 Technology have developed innovative IP signalling software, the protocol of which has gained UK, European and USA patent approval. This end-to-end "e2e Technology" enables the establishment of direct communication between two endpoints over the internet.
Once a communication path has been set-up (i.e 10secs), all subsequent bandwidth traffic is directly between the two endpoints, and NOT hosted by the e2e Provider. The technology has successfully been applied to VoIP telephony in the form of a softphone called "VePhone" www.vephone.net .
The VePhone software incorporates e2e client and enables direct, secure & private, one-to-one communication for voice & video calls, text chat, snapshot, and more. It works with a real UK telephone number with full integration with worldwide landlines/mobiles. It also has voicemail and call forwarding.