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e2e Technology applied to VoIP - VePhone

End User benefits:

• FREE Telephone Calls - Worldwide over internet :

The VePhone software is free to download and install on a windows-based PC, laptop or tablet. A User signs-up and acquires use of a real (UK) telephone number. Any call made over the internet between one VePhone and another VePhone, regardless of their location in the world, will be FREE.

• FREE Video Calls – Worldwide over internet :

The VePhone can be used to make person-to-person, direct Video Calls FREE of charge. The video call traffic goes directly between the two users over the internet, and is NOT hosted on some central server. This means the video call is private and direct between the two VePhone users.

• Real Telephone Number :

The VePhone is available with a real (UK) telephone number at minimal cost, or free in the case of non-geographic numbers. Works just like a conventional Landline. Calls can be made to/from other VePhones from anywhere to anywhere in the world, as well as calls to/from any worldwide landline/mobile. The real Telephone number will work the same whether the VePhone user is in the UK or in ANY country in the world – the only requirement is access to the internet.

• Simple to Use :

The VePhone can be acquired and installed and fully operational within 10 minutes, complete with a fully activated real telephone number. The use of a simple USB Handset or two-piece telephone with USB connection is all that is required to be fully operational as any other typical landline telephone; the difference being the User can be located anywhere in the world. The software is user-friendly, and the features such as video, snapshot, draw and text chat are easy to use. There is also voicemail, voicemail-to-email and call-forward options.

• FREE Calls FROM Landlines & Mobiles :

Once logged in, the VePhone is able to receive calls from any landline/mobile (including other VePhones) FREE of charge. The recipient VePhone, with their UK Telephone number, can receive a call regardless of which country they are in; it will be as if they were in the UK.

• Calls TO Landlines & Mobiles - low cost :

The VePhone can be used to make call to any destination landline or mobile and very low cost "zone" tariffs; where there is simple pence per minute charging and no connection charges no other hidden costs.

• Snapshot, Text Chat & Draw :

In addition, the VePhone has some very unique features available when on a VePhone to VePhone call. The "Snapshot" feature allows the User to take a picture and immediately send it directly to the recipient there and then. The same applies to "Text Chat" and "Draw". These services are FREE of charge.

• Voicemail & Call Forward :

The VePhone has voicemail and call-forward to Landline/mobile capabilities, so the User is effectively always contactable, even if they are off-line. The voicemail-to-email feature permits voice messages to appear at the recipients email address as a voice attachment.

• Simultaneous VePhone use off single Broadband :

Multiple VePhone users can share the same broadband connection. For example, a single household telephone line with broadband facility can have, say, 3 or 4 individual VePhone household member users, each with their own unique real telephone number, being able to make and receive calls from anywhere , simultaneously. Ideal for students in house-sharing, or for businesses that can free up their PBX lines to receive calls, whilst using the VePhone off each individual computer being able to make call (as many calls as there are VePhone users – the only limit being the size of the businesses broadband).

Key features
Direct IP Communication between users
Non-hosted IP-to-IP communication
Efficient use of Service Provider's bandwidth
Full NAT Traversal
Secure encrypted communication
Content to any IP traffic
Private calls direct between parties
Compatiable with SIP
Fits into Call Control layer of IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)