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e2e Technology applied to VoIP

ITSP / VoIP Operator benefits:

• Bandwidth - Full Cost Saving :

All IP-to-IP traffic is NOT hosted by the ITSP/VoIP Operator. This means that ALL the payload traffic, whether it be voice, video, music, IPTV or documents, both "IN" to the ITSP and "OUT" of the ITSP is no longer necessary. This applies to all situations where the "receiving IP device" is located behind a typical router.

• Equipment Saving – No Session Border Controllers :

Using e2e Server technology means there is no requirement for Session Border Controllers that would normally be located at the ITSP/VoIP Operator. As the media content traffic is not hosted, there is no longer the same contention for useable ports.

• Client IP device software - Freely available :

Available and free to download is the VePhone software (incorporating e2e client). It is currently available in windows compatible format with other IP devices, such as mobile and browser-compatibility to follow.

• Simple Call set-up by ITSP :

The e2e Server software handles client-user secure authentication and initial set-up of the direct communication path over the internet between two IP devices (i.e. call setup). Once the call is set-up (typically within 10 seconds) the e2e Server is no longer involved which, for the ITSP, means they will NOT handle any of the subsequent payload bandwidth traffic for the WHOLE DURATION of that (free) IP-to-IP call.

• Revenue generation – Media Content Advertising :

The VePhone client software is designed with left and right panels that can display any media advertising content directly to the User. This opens up the ability to perform targeted advertising campaigns to identifiable target markets.

• Revenue generation – Interconnect to PSTN/Mobile :

The VePhone is designed to function with an integral Real (PSTN) telephone number. Furthermore, with interconnection to Landlines and Mobiles worldwide through media gateways, the VePhone can transparently operate in much the same way as a traditional telephone; the difference being that VePhone to VePhone calls, which are free to the user, go direct between the users and do not involve ITSP bandwidth hosting and resources. Where calls are made from VePhone TO conventional Landlines/mobiles, revenue generation from top-up account tariff charges are achievable. Opportunity also exists for revenue generation by handling the termination of inbound calls FROM conventional Landlines/Mobiles . [NB: Only Calls that break-out TO, and inbound FROM, landlines/mobiles will require hosting through the ITSP]

• Customer Retention - Higher User Loyalty:

As the VePhone, complete with real Telephone Number, simply requires internet connectivity, it will be accessible anywhere in the world by any conventional Landline or mobile, satellite phone, and also by any VePhone. Combined with Voicemail, voicemail-to-email, and call-forward facilities, the user will be contactable; all they need do is give out their own REAL telephone number. This being the case, users will generally be reluctant to change their Telephone Number and result in greater customer loyalty to the provider.

Key features
Direct IP Communication between users
Non-hosted IP-to-IP communication
Efficient use of Service Provider's bandwidth
Full NAT Traversal
Secure encrypted communication
Content to any IP traffic
Private calls direct between parties
Compatiable with SIP
Fits into Call Control layer of IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)