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e2e Technology applied to VoIP - VePhone

Business User benefits:

• FREE Telephone Calls - Worldwide over internet :

The VePhone software is free to download and install on a windows-based PC, laptop or tablet ( . Your staff can sign-up and acquire use of a real (UK) telephone number for general use, or alternatively get a "private" number for use within and between your business locations. Any calls made over the internet between one VePhone and another VePhone, regardless of their location in the world, will be FREE; - very quick tool for businesses to communicate more effectively with minimal extra resource.

• FREE Video Calls – between your locations :

The VePhone can be used to make person-to-person, direct Video Calls FREE of charge. The video call traffic goes directly between the two users over the internet, and is NOT hosted on some central server. This means the video call is private and direct between the two VePhone users; - an excellent way of linking your sites for voice and video without occupying your existing conventional telephone lines.

• A useful compliment to your existing PBX :

The VePhone can be used by all staff members with computers to make their outgoing calls without having to occupy your existing "incoming" lines on your telephone system. This benefits both your own customers, who are less likely to get engaged when they ring you, and also more flexibly increases the number of simultaneous outgoing calls from your site (the limitation being simply the size of your internet broadband; - a very useful potential cost-saving on conventional telephone lines on your existing PBX, without compromising customer service.

• Real Telephone Number or a "Private" number:

The VePhone is available with a real (UK) telephone number at minimal cost, or free in the case of non-geographic numbers; it works just like a conventional Landline. Calls can be made to/from other VePhones regardless of location, as well as to/from any worldwide landline or mobile. The real Telephone number will work the same whether the VePhone business user is in the UK or in ANY country in the world – the only requirement is access to the internet. The VePhone can also be used with a "private" number that will allow outgoing calls to landlines, mobiles or other VePhones; but only allow incoming calls from other VePhones (private); - like having your own virtual inter-company "televideo" system without any major capital expenditure.

• Comprehensive business features - easy to use :

The VePhone can be acquired and installed and fully operational within 10 minutes. The use of a simple USB Handset or two-piece telephone with USB connection is all that is required for it to work like any other typical landline telephone. The software is user-friendly, and the following included features are easy to use: - Features – video – snapshot – draw – text chat – voicemail – voicemail-to-email – call-forward to landlines and mobiles – Qdial (quick dialler).

• FREE Calls FROM Landlines & Mobiles :

Once logged in, the VePhone is able to receive calls from any landline/mobile (including other VePhones) FREE of charge, if using a VePhone real number, or incoming from VePhones only, if using a "private" number; - makes your staff and your business accessible from any location

• Calls TO Landlines & Mobiles - low cost:

The VePhone is excellent for outgoing calls and makes for very handy call centre operation without the infrastructure cost. Worldwide country call costs are split into 9 x Landline and Mobile tariff zones which are very low cost, simple to view and have no hidden costs; - simple pence per minute charging providing reduced business call costs

• Multimedia content direct to VePhones :

The VePhone has left and right panels that can display any media content, such as appropriate business information, content material and advertising, whether within your business or to your customers and suppliers. It can be used as a promotional tool to offer complimentary services; - a direct method of displaying content to your target audience.

• Simultaneous VePhone use off single Broadband :

Multiple VePhone users can share the same broadband connection. For example, staff and remote workers can immediately have full use of telephony direct from their desk without the need for additional extensions off an PBX telephone system. The VePhone can be used within a business computer network or outside of that network. The VePhone user will still be contactable, regardless of location so long as they have internet access; - a comprehensive and cost-effective communications tool that is very easy for businesses to implement.

Key features
Direct IP Communication between users
Non-hosted IP-to-IP communication
Efficient use of Service Provider's bandwidth
Full NAT Traversal
Secure encrypted communication
Content to any IP traffic
Private calls direct between parties
Compatiable with SIP
Fits into Call Control layer of IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)